Receiving the support and trust from many SME during 20 years of operation in Logistics industry, Green Dragon strengthens, promotes and improves our operations and continue to expand more activities to be able to support businesses, and solve many difficult problems in the supply chain industry.


Our Transportation Department has provided reliable and competitive trucking services across the country with a fleet of more than 50 container trucks and cargo trucks ranging from 500 kg to 10 tons, which makes Inland transportation service becomes flexible and tailored to the detailed requirements of customers.

Transport Department at Green Dragon is a comprehensive solution for domestic and international logistics services with the service motto: fast, reliable, flexible and punctual, including:

– Container Delivery.

– Oversized & Overweighted Goods Delivery.

– Flexible in arrangement of cranes and forklifts.

– Seaport & Airport Operations Services.

– Door Delivery Services.


Sea freight is a major part of multimodal transport services. To be able to provide the best service, we have a team specialized in sea freight transport of FCL and LCL containers, bulk cargo, project cargo, and many different types of cargoes.

The flexibility and variety in freight services provided by Green Dragon gives customers economical alternatives to other costly forms of transportation. Our global logistics services not only transport goods from port to port, but also provide a complete fulfillment solution.

Over the past years, Green Dragon has developed close cooperation relationships with major regional and international shipping partners across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia, and other regions in order to be able to provide customers with services:

– Consolidation of retail goods: collecting retail goods which are exported from Vietnam to other countries, and vice versa.

– FCL and LCL goods containers for import and export.

– Provide related logistics documents.

– Import and export customs clearance

– Door Delivery

– Packing service

– Packing household appliances

– Warehousing, assembling and distribution

– Processing and supporting letters of credit

– Charter (Air & Sea Delivery)

– General cargo (parted or split, dry & liquid goods)

– Transport by sea/air

– International multimodal transport services by sea/rail and sea/road

– Cargo insurance for sea / air goods


Due to the time-sensitive and time-pressured of air freight, Green Dragon develops air freight plans tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. This is done by listening to and understanding our customers’ thoughts and concerns. High-value goods often place great pressure on the time and delivery commitments of the parties involved. So, our air freight department developed a plan and tailored it to each customer, and then followed the required operational handling to ensure highest quality of services.

Thanks to Green Dragon’s close cooperation with many reliable partners and representative offices, we provide services of the highest quality and offer our customers flexible solutions based on their requirements, and help customers have the most optimal choice in each case.

Main services such as:

– High quality directed or forwarded air freight from Vietnam to almost all destinations in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia and other regions.

– Prepare all necessary documents including commercial papers, Customs documents, transport documents…

– Full service “Door to Door” to every major city in the world.

– Transport of dangerous goods by air according to the requirements of the International Air Transport Association IATA for the carriage of dangerous goods.

– Comprehensive logistics services (receipt, packing, assembling, storage, documentation and handling) for Dangerous Goods & Fresh Goods, Automobile Goods, Vehicles and Electronics Equipment, Commodities in the oil and gas industry, Pharmaceutical Goods, Rare Metal Commodities.


We will analyze customer needs about products, features and other relevant information. Through our expertise and experience to help customers clear customs for goods quickly and efficiently.

Our customs brokerage services include:

– customs clearance for import and export goods

– Determination of customs value for goods

– Determination of taxes and import duties to be paid

– Determine the HS code

– Classification of goods

– Customs survey

– Import/Export license for specific items

– Maintenance of export/import data

– Pay customs fees on behalf of customers

– Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export, and temporarily exported for re-import

– Customs procedures for long-term import and export goods

– Consulting services on Customs procedures

– Customs procedures for goods transported from bonded warehouses

– Customs procedures for goods in transit


Currently, warehouses are not only a place to store goods, but also an important factor affecting the flexibility of logistics activities of enterprises. Warehousing and logistics supply chain is a complex process that requires close coordination between many stages. Businesses, whether large or small, need professional warehousing services to ensure smooth business operations.

Warehousing service is an extremely important factor in the process of domestic and international freight forwarding, this is an important issue in logistics. Warehousing activities can directly affect the storage and management of goods in trading units. Therefore, in logistics, good warehouse management will certainly bring many benefits to businesses such as:

– Minimizing the cost of production, transportation and distribution of goods, company has more profits by cutting unnecessary fees.

– Take the initiative in arranging, transporting and distributing consignments of the same size and same route. This contributes significantly to reducing the cost per unit of product.

– Maintain a stable supply of goods. Thanks to the warehousing service, the goods will always be available in stock.

Customer service is better because products and goods meet the requirements in terms of quantity and quality.

– Ready to deliver anytime customers need in the fastest way. Contributing to helping businesses create a reputation when delivering goods at the right time and place.

– Make a difference and increase the competitive position of the business in the market.

Green Dragon Logistics not only provides forwarding – shipping, seaport/airport services, but we also provide warehousing and logistics services. Currently, this is also one of the business activities that Green Dragon focuses on to develop rapidly and strongly.

Green Dragon International Logistics Corporation – a trustworthy companion of all Vietnamese partners and customers.