In 2020, witnessing particularly interesting changes of the market with many events because of not only the sudden appearance of Covid-19, but also the popularity of many new trends that forced traders and businessmen to have a new path, a new look, and a different direction in line.

And Green Dragon International Logistics Corporation – the company provides Logistics solutions such as Multimodal Transport, Ocean & Air Freight, Import – Export Customs Clearance, … although we have achieved a certain position in the traditional market, we always promptly transform, change, and improve ourselves to move forward over time in pursuit of delivering the best services for customers.


Anyone in the business world knows what happened to WEWORK in 2019 and how it affected investor confidence in startups. Business owners have become more cautious now, they want to invest in real potential areas, and change their business model towards more sustainable instead of running towards scale or number of users.

Entrepreneurs do not want to split resources into too many areas. Therefore, they will outsource some activities to reduce costs, especially in logistics operations. However, Logistics has a main feature that requires sustainability and uniformity to achieve the most optimal efficiency for the goods supply activities to take place throughout.

Green Dragon is known as a sustainable and reputable Logistics service provider in the market, and we are proud to have been trusted by many partners to entrust the role of a provider of key operations such as Multimodal Transport, Ocean & Air Freight, Import – Export Customs Clearance.

With more than 20 years in logistics industry activities, we have connected and become a sustainable partner with countless shipping lines, airlines, and built a system of representative offices not only in three regions of Vietnam (Northern – Central – Southern) but also in overseas. Thereby, the local understanding and professionalism in the operation, and production process will ensure customers’ trust.

With the professionalism and promptness in providing services as well as a lot of support for businesses from Green Dragon, all burdens on the supply chain of enterprises can be shared with one another, not only relieved the operating costs, but also let us focus resources on important business areas.


Dissatisfaction with the delivery experience is a fairly common occurrence in e-commerce in Southeast Asia countries. According to research by IPRICE and Parcel Performance, 34.1% of users are not satisfied with the quality of delivery services. In Vietnam, studies show that it takes an average of 5 – 6 days for products to be delivered to buyers, the second slowest transaction speed in the region.

Fast-and-on-time-and-responsive Customer service may even become a main parts in serving the supply chain in general, and the logistics industry in particular in the near future.

Green Dragon team always puts the profit and satisfaction of the business on the top priority, so the service of Green Dragon in any field must always ensure safety, speed, efficiency, and competitive cost. Actively applied high technology in management and disseminate to all levels of operation to not only ensure the fast and professional processing of all shipment information, but also synchronize the notification system to partners about order fulfillment status. Thereby, it is possible to shorten the delivery time, streamline procedures and processes for businesses, but also keep information confidential for partners.

The infrastructure of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam due to lack of resources is often only temporarily invested, lacked of synchronization, and has not been streamlined. Therefore, the service of Green Dragon will solve the difficult problem of delivering goods to customers.


Consumers’ demand for online shopping is increasing rapidly, and so are their living standards. Their Shopping sophistication and expectations will also increase. More and more people are looking for specific products, brands or services that cater to their increasingly unique needs. That’s when businesses must also look for partners meeting the standards of the new shopping era.

Faced with new needs, Green Dragon also upgraded itself to a higher level. Modern working equipment, high level of application of information technology in business into the management system according to new standards in order to be able to provide partners and customers with an optimal transportation service which meet their expectations, as well as increase the value of goods for sellers and buyers.

With a growth rate of over 10% every year, Green Dragon is on the way to becoming a new leading logistics service provider following terms of quality system according to international standards. After many years of operation, we have served hundreds of customers with absolute satisfaction.

Green Dragon International Logistics Corporation – a trustworthy companion of all Vietnamese partners and customers.