The Covid-19 epidemic broke out like a bomb suddenly. Society is paralyzed, a number of businesses have left the market, and industries around the world have suffered the same effects from the pandemic and countless other consequences. In particular, the logistics industry, which is the backbone for the supply chain of not only a series of industries in society but also the whole economy, has proven its decisive role.

While the market is constantly receiving bad news about the epidemic and the negative growth figures are constantly being reported, the logistics industry is like a boat that catches the trade price that is constantly moving forward and achieving the indicators are encouraging, including our company – Green Dragon International Logistics Corporation.

Green Dragon International Logistics Corporation – THE TOP CHOICE OF EVERY BUSINESS

 1 Progress from the smallest numbers

With a history of more than 20 years of development along with the constant striving and dedication of all team and company employees from all departments, Green Dragon has constantly improved its position in the logistics service supply market and receive valuable trust from partners even in the most difficult times such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with that development, the company with available services has constantly improved, received feedback, improved and strongly expanded more areas in the industry to provide customers with more and more products. choice of the best service as well as timely response to the needs of the market and the strict requirements of partners.

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 2 Experienced staff

The dynamic staff of Green Dragon with extensive experience and expertise work in the fields of international transportation, domestic transportation, customs procedures throughout the three regions of North – Central – South. Thereby, Green Dragon Logistics has become an important link that has a sustainable cooperation relationship with a system of agents supporting logistics services not only in the country, but also around the world and is confident in its ability to bring provide customers with a transparent, optimal service.

3 International standard quality system

Modern working equipment, high level of application of information technology in business into the management system according to new standards to be able to provide partners and customers with an optimal transportation service which meet expectations as well as increase the value of goods for customers.

With a growth rate of over 10%/year, Green Dragon is on the way to becoming a leading logistics service provider in terms of quality system according to international standards. After many years of operation, we have served hundreds of customers with almost absolute satisfaction.

4 Professional, synchronous and fast service

Green Dragon’s transportation service is safe, fast, efficient, and cost-competitive. Actively apply high technology in management and disseminate to all levels of operation to not only ensure the fast and professional processing of all shipment information, but also synchronize the notification system to partners about order fulfillment status. Thereby, it is possible to shorten the delivery time but also secure information for partners

5 Local research, understanding and knowledge

Owning a global scale, Green Dragon Logistics is very knowledgeable about the characteristics of each locality. We have strong relationships with carriers from air, sea, train, inland roads as well as most reputable transport units at home and abroad to ensure the supply. goods to our customers are always smooth regardless of national borders or remote islands.

6 Committed to putting the interests of customers first

The chain of logistics services that Green Dragon provides from contract negotiation, customs clearance preparation, insurance documents, shipment inspection, packing organization, warehousing, vehicle for rent, door-to-door delivery, order tracking, order management, are all done in a way that saves effort, time and cost for customers, taking customers’ profits as a driving force for our business activities.

Green Dragon International Logistics Corporation – a trustworthy companion of all Vietnamese partners and customers.