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Green Dragon not only provides forwarding – shipping, seaport/airport services, but also provides warehousing and logistics services.

Currently, warehousing is not only a place to store goods but also an important factor affecting the flexibility in logistics activities in businesses. Warehousing and logistics supply chains are a complex process, requiring close coordination between stages. Businesses, large and small, need professional warehousing to ensure their business is favorable.

Warehouse service is an extremely important factor in the process of domestic and international freight forwarding, this is an important issue in logistics. Warehouse activities can directly affect the storage and management of goods of commodity trading units. Therefore, in logistics, good warehouse management will certainly bring many benefits to businesses such as:

  • Minimize costs of production, transportation, distribution of goods, units more profitable by cutting unnecessary fees.
  • Warehousing services help businesses take the initiative in arranging, transporting and distributing goods of the same size and the same route. This contributes greatly to reducing costs per product unit.
  • Maintain a stable supply of goods. Thanks to warehousing services, the goods will always be available in stock.
  • Better customer service because products and goods meet the requirements of quantity and quality.
  • The company is ready to deliver whenever customers need it as quickly as possible. Contribute to help businesses create credibility when delivery on time and location.
  • Perfect warehousing services make a difference and increase the competitive position of businesses in the market.

Green Dragon not only provides forwarding – shipping, seaport/airport services, but also provides warehousing and logistics services. This is also one of Green Dragon’s business activities that focus on strong and rapid development.

We are a reputable partner with many domestic and foreign businesses. Over the years, we have won the trust and confidence of many businesses using outsourcing logistics and supply chain management. Green Dragon owns a comprehensive integrated service, from the planning, control process and logistics implementation. We research and propose solutions to turn the challenges of logistics activities into a competitive advantage for businesses.

Working with Green Dragon, you do not need to worry or have a headache about leasing space, warehousing, delivery staff. We carry out the management of consigned goods in the warehouse, ensuring the fastest shipping of goods according to customer requirements.


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